Good Dog Nigel
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The Beatles - 13 - Get Back
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George Harrison singing his own little version of “Get Back”

The Beatles - 07 - Helter Skelter - Blackbird - Gone Tomorrow Here Today - Rehearsal D
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Rehearsal: Helter Skelter - Blackbird - Gone Tomorrow Here Today - The Beatles

This is great. While you listen to John Lennon talk to George Martin, with a few comments from Yoko, you can hear Paul rehearsing an acoustic version of "Helter Skelter" in the background. Which is a really great version.

And then at 3:30, he goes right into Blackbird.




The Beatles - 30 - Hey Jude - Studio Chat
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This is me and my boyfriend Sam singing “Such Great Heights” by Postal Service (The Iron & Wine version)

He goes to college 5,000 miles away. When we were in highschool together, we used to make music all the time, singing together. But since he’s so far away we really can’t anymore. So he sent me a track of him playing the guitar and singing along to this song, and I put it in my Garageband app and recorded the upper harmonies. So we’re still doing what we love to do, but with a few miles in between.